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Emerging Tech jobs in the UK

According to the ‘Realizing 2030 – The Future of Work’ report by Dell Technologies, ‘we’re on the cusp of the next era of human-machine partnerships’.

The workplace as we know it is already changing, powered by jobs in emerging technology, with the growth in roles for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning shaping the way we do business for many years to come.     

Emerging Tech recruitment experts

To create those automated systems and smart machines that will revolutionise our work lives, new jobs in the UK’s emerging technology sector are being created for people with the right technical skills to work in AI and machine learning specialist roles. Jobs for qualified robotics engineers, for example, are expected to continue to grow. 

A rise in the growth for robotics and AI jobs are just two of the areas that will change the employment landscape. Rapid technological advancements will also bring about a need for jobs in virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). You could well find yourself as part of a team working on exciting projects developing the latest smartphone and tablet apps. 

As well as the rise in roles for data scientists, we’re seeing jobs for machine learning, deep learning and algorithm engineers, a reflection of the breadth and depth of new skills that organisations are looking for in future recruits. The AI jobs market in the UK and globally is extremely competitive, with experienced candidates able to command excellent salaries. 

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