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Job hunting tips for IT workers

20 June 2018

If you’re working in IT, it’s clear that you’ll have high technical ability and will understand how to put together a well-written CV. However, do you understand the ins and outs of the job hunting process? In addition, do you know how to get the most out of it?

Looking for a new job is by no means easy. After all, balancing your current work, with the need to complete strong applications and prepare for interviews can be a chore. However, get it right and you’ll be on to a winner.

Read on for our top job hunting tips for IT workers.

Cross-reference your skills with the job description

You may look at a job advert and acknowledge that you’d be able to take on every responsibility listed, but does your CV reflect this? It may sound obvious, but it’s extremely important to cross-reference your CV with the job advert and tailor your CV to every role you apply to.

For example, if an advert was to specify that you need to be proficient in Perl, a whizz at Javascript or familiar with Linux, then these keywords should be used within your CV.

Go one-step further by providing specific examples of where you’ve used certain technologies and outline any improvements that you made to the business as a result. Try to quantify this with numbers to make it clear and easy to digest.

Conduct thorough research on the employer

To assist with your application and your knowledge of the potential employer, it’s important to do thorough research on what their IT teams have been working on now and what they have planned for the future.

This will give you a better understanding of the role you could potentially join in and the part you will play in developing their technology.

It will also give you a strong talking point for the interview and show the employer that you express a keen interest in the work that they’re doing. This will help you to stand out as a winning candidate and someone that they may very well want to invest in.

Brush up your online profile

Hopefully, you should be savvy enough to understand the pitfalls of having a poor digital footprint. But if you’re not sure, it’s always best to switch all of your social media profiles to private mode when job hunting.

After all, you wouldn’t want a potential employer to form an opinion on you based on photos from a night out on Facebook, or for your ramblings on Twitter.

LinkedIn is a very powerful professional networking tool, so if possible, strengthen your profile on this platform. Make sure you’ve completed all of the necessary sections and use a professional image of yourself, with a clear, blank background.

Know which platforms to use

Another factor to consider is what platforms you’re going to use to look for work. You could sign up with a recruiter that specialises in IT recruitment, for example. These organisations have strong relationships with successful employers that are looking to grow their workforce.

Alternatively, you could sign up to an online job board, which recruiters and employers use to advertise their vacancies. Here, you can upload your CV, making it easier for you to be headhunted for specific roles.

Alongside this, you can conduct specific searches to find the jobs that are most suited to your needs. These can be tweaked by keywords, location, industry, salary bracket and so on.

You may even choose to use a combination of the two. Both are free to use for candidates and can be extremely beneficial during your job hunt.

Are you ready to start your job hunt?

These are just some tips to help you get the most out of your job hunt. While it can be a daunting process, looking for work doesn’t have to be as stressful as you may initially predict.

Just remember, you have all the technical skills to do the job, it’s now about perfecting your job hunting skills and finding the work that’s right for you.

By matching your skills to the job description, doing your research, brushing up your online profile and using the right tools to look for work, you’ll be able to find an exciting new job, in no time.

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