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5 Ways To Celebrate Diwali in the Workplace

As a recruitment company we looked into how employers can engage and support their staff and celebrate Diwali this 2021. We bring you 5 top ways to improve morale no matter how diverse your team is!

11/4/2021 Nathan Fenton, Marketing Manager

1. Humanise the Brand

Diwali isn’t just a festival of lights, it’s also a time for cultivating and celebrating community. Use this event as an opportunity to connect with staff who celebrate Diwali and also engage employees and customers. Humanising the brand comes from focusing on an uplifting message to emphasize the company pledge to unity, and showcases that inclusivity aligns with your business’ values.

2. Traditional Attire

Bend the office dress-code for traditional attire for those with Indian heritage or descent or Hindu faith.

3. Desk Yoga

Organise a desk yoga session to give the employees a wellness boost this season!

4. Simple Decorations

Decorate a cubicle with lights, Indian mithai sweets, and paper or powder rangoli designs.

5. Rangoli Competition

The designs embraced in Diwali are called Rangoli. Creativity competition on a large board to welcome rangoli doodles would be a simple and cost-effective way to celebrate the festivities. Winner receives a treat!

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Nathan Fenton
Marketing Manager

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