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Surviving lockdown 2021: 3 things businesses learned from 2020

10/02/2021 Elisha Bailey, Business Manager

Well, here we are in another lockdown. The good news – obviously we’re using the term ‘good news’ loosely – is that we’ve been here before. In this article, we look at three key lessons many businesses (including ours) learned from the 2020 lockdowns. Not only have these lessons helped us prepare for the current lockdown – they could be the secret to building a stronger business in 2021.

Lesson 1: Technology is a core driver of success

In 2020, technology helped the Roc Search team work from home safely, access remote systems securely, and stay in touch with colleagues and clients seamlessly. And the same is true again in this lockdown – except this time people already have the tools they need, which makes life easier. Looking ahead, all businesses will need to think about how these new technologies should be embedded in ongoing practices to support new ways of working and drive success. Plus, which outdated legacy technologies are no longer fit for purpose?

Lesson 2: We can make faster decisions

Chances are your business had to make some rapid decisions last year. So many organizations had to implement new ways of working, design new health and safety practices, or purchase new equipment for remote working, and the sorts of decisions that might ordinarily take weeks (or months) were made within days (sometimes hours). We now know that rapid innovation is possible. Which begs the question: how can we retain this ability to think and move fast even when ‘normal’ business resumes?

Lesson 3: Clear employee communication is essential

One of the things that separates a thriving business from it’s not-so-hot competitors is a sense of shared purpose – where everyone in the company understands and identifies with the company’s mission. Holding on to this sense of shared purpose when the workforce is dispersed can be a challenge. Which makes clear, frequent communications with employees more important than ever. Many businesses kept their people engaged throughout lockdown by continually sharing and explaining the thinking behind corporate decisions, and encouraging dialogue. And that’s a good thing to keep up during this lockdown (even though leadership may feel like everyone knows the drill by now), and beyond.

We’d love to hear what you learned during 2020, and how your business practices have adapted. And remember, if your organisation needs additional resource, Roc Search is here to help. Specialist providers of technology, engineering and supply chain contractors, we can help your business weather whatever 2021 has in store. 

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Elisha Bailey
Business Manager
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