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Our diverse communities are integral to how we live our mission, empowering lives through expertise and meaningful connections

Like our customers, we know how important a diverse workforce is to fostering greater creativity, problem-solving and success within a business. As such, we are proud to recognized as a SIA DE&I Influencer for 2023 as well as board members and contributors to several DEI focused non profits & communities.

We are also the hosts of the "Roc On..." virtual event/podcast, bringing together a diverse array of thought leaders across the space to discuss the lastest and greatest in the technology space. 

Through our proactive outreach to diverse talent pools and professional networks, we enable a bias-free recruitment process, focussed on skills and potential.

The "Roc On..." Podcast

Join us as we speak to industry leaders across the technology space about everything from Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Sustainability all the way to finding your next job in the space. Be a part of our journey to learn, inform and create limitless opportunities.

Sustainability in AI

Join us to delve into the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, as we discuss emerging trends, share insights, and tackle the challenges and ethical considerations surrounding these technologies.

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Cyberserve: Cyber Security

As a collective, how can we leverage opportunities within Cybersecurity to ensure we’re supporting and uplifting underserved communities? Are we doing enough to educate and empower these communities? What are the everyday risks we don't realize arise from a lack of cybersecurity?

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Finding your Job and your Why.

During this episode, our esteemed panelists engage in dynamic discussions, sharing actionable strategies, personal anecdotes, and invaluable advice on uncovering your passions, defining your purpose, and navigating the job market effectively.

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The Power and Promise of AI

Step into the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with us as we bring together leaders and experts for our next virtual event. Discover how AI is changing industries and explore its real-life uses in various sectors.🎓

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"We're incredibly proud of not only the diversity we have within Roc Search as a business, but the work being done by our team to empower a diverse workforce across the wider industry. 

Diversity isn't just a value to us, it's a driving force that gives everyone at Roc Search voice - that's the culture we foster within our own walls. Starting with our board of directors (which is 50% male, 50% female) we have leaders in every corner of the business who make Roc Search one of the most inclusive places I have ever worked.

 I feel very proud to be part of their efforts to build pathways for the underserved and underrepresented."

Danny Cohen, President of Roc Search USA

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