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At ROC, we acknowledge the crucial role that the built environment sector plays in our everyday lives. Companies within this thriving sector are at the forefront of shaping the world around us while significantly contributing to the global economy. From the residential buildings we live into the transportation networks we rely on to get to work, the built environment industry is responsible for the human-made surroundings we interact with on a daily basis. 

The importance of this pivotal sector cannot be understated, and as such, it is essential for firms to hire the best and brightest professionals for their critical built environment jobs. However, with so many companies competing for the same architecture, engineering, construction, and urban planning talent, securing the right professionals can be a complex task. Through our best-in-class built environment recruitment services, we can help you gain an edge over rival firms and attract the perfect candidates for your vacancies. 

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By partnering with us, you can look forward to a tailored recruitment experience that takes your company’s unique hiring needs and ambitions into account. We have specialist knowledge in a selection of built environment areas, including: 

  • Construction
  • Land Acquisition and Development
  • Architecture and Design
  • Structural and Civil Engineering
  • Building Services

Helping Businesses to Build High Performing Teams

With years of experience in the build recruitment space, our specialist team excels in helping firms to secure the most outstanding candidates in a range of key areas. Whether you are seeking an accomplished architect to design a new building or a civil engineer to provide maintenance for a key piece of infrastructure, we can tap into our extensive talent network to source professionals with the skills you are looking for. 

Our recruiters have a deep understanding of the various trends and challenges impacting the built environment sector, such as a shortage of qualified candidates, fierce competition for talent, and the need to comply with ever-more complex regulations. Using our expertise, we’ll help you to overcome these hiring issues and ensure that you are well-positioned to recruit the candidates you need for your building and infrastructure projects. 

Our Recruitment Services


As a respected recruitment agency specialising in built environment recruitment, we lead the way in sourcing permanent professionals, positioning ourselves as industry leaders. Leveraging our extensive connections and broad talent pools, our recruiters excel at identifying individuals capable of delivering quality built environment solutions.


If your build environment business organisation needs skilled individuals for temporary positions, our contract recruitment solutions have you covered. We can link you with highly adaptable talent across various roles, ensuring quick access to the expertise you require. Through our extensive client network, we can deliver customised results to meet your specific requirements.

Public Sector

Through strategic partnerships with public sector bodies like Emergency Services, NHS, Education, and Government, we leverage our deep talent pool and public sector hiring expertise to build high-performing teams for a diverse array of built environment clients. 

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Our Built Environmental Sub-Specialisms

Our recruitment specialists are enthusiastic about helping construction companies to attract and hire the very best construction talent. Through our unrivalled expertise, we empower our businesses and candidates to achieve their construction recruitment goals. 

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With a track record of providing specialised construction recruitment solutions across diverse areas, we possess the expertise and a broad client base to excel in hiring and driving success in Land Acquisition and Development.

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Our specialist consultants dive into the unique responsibilities and hurdles of construction roles within Architecture and Design. With this expertise, they adeptly match candidates and businesses with top talent poised for success.

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Utilising our expansive candidate, our recruitment agency provides a comprehensive overview of career opportunities in Structural and Civil Engineering roles. We emphasise suitable career paths that align closely with the interests, strengths, and values of both businesses and candidates.

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Our dedicated recruitment consultants specialise in linking top Building Services professionals with global organisations. Whether they're a renowned international brand or a burgeoning startup, we customise our approach and strategy to meet their exact needs.

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Connecting Top Talent With Built Environment Jobs

Candidates who enter the built environment sector can embark on a range of rewarding career paths. Whether you would like to ply your trade in construction or utilise your architecture skills to design residential or commercial buildings, our consultants can help you discover the perfect roles for you. We are keen to nurture your skills and place you within an organisation that can support you in developing your career. 

From built environment startups to long-established construction firms, we routinely place candidates into positions at companies of all sizes. Our specialist team excels in supporting both early-career professionals looking to develop their skills and accomplished experts seeking roles that allow them to elevate their careers. Guided by your job preferences and professional goals, we aim to present you with fulfilling positions that perfectly align with your distinctive career aspirations. 

Get in touch with us today to discover more about how our tailored built-environment recruitment services can set you up for success. 

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