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Over the years, we have developed an unwavering commitment to shaping a future brimming with opportunities and enriching the lives of numerous individuals. With offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, and Europe, we acquire vast expertise and extensive global reach. We've successfully connected exceptional professionals, positioning ourselves at the forefront of driving positive transformation in Education jobs. 

The education industry is one of the most important pillars of the public sector. Education jobs vary from the instruction designers who use technology to create online courses to the data analysts who analyse and interpret data to improve teaching methods and student experience. At Roc, we recognise these individuals' essential contributions to the forward-thinking sector, which is why we are dedicated to connecting them with critical, international education jobs.

Our efficient recruitment strategies centre on sourcing exceptional education professionals perfectly matched with global organisations. Our expert education recruitment team shares significant knowledge of emerging market trends, changes, and client needs.

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Transforming Businesses with Forward-Thinking Recruitment Solutions

Our education recruitment team are dedicated to aiding organisations in optimising their hiring procedures, building effective teams, and ensuring alignment with their company culture. By recognising the significance of comprehending our client's needs in detail, our trusted agency prioritises understanding their team context and business environments to tailor accurate recruitment solutions. 

We utilise our expansive database of active and passive candidates within our specialised sectors and leading external job board databases to source top-tier talent for various roles. Our education recruitment specialists excel in conducting comprehensive analyses of emerging sector developments and our client's current workforce to inform and refine our recommendations.

We recognise each business's individual aspects and characteristics and ensure that we remain adaptable when tailoring our recruitment solutions to your organisation's distinct necessities. Our skilled education recruitment consultants guarantee clear and open communication with our customers through all stages of the hiring process. 

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Our Recruitment Services


As a trusted recruitment agency, we are front runners in recruiting permanent professionals for higher education jobs. Utilising our broad networks and reputable talent pools, our outstanding education recruiters excel at identifying capable professionals who can deliver top-tier education services.


If your organisation requires skilled professionals for temporary academic jobs, our contract recruitment services link you with exceptional, flexible talent, ensuring quick access to the necessary expertise when required. With our vast networks and talent pools, we are experts in sourcing ideal candidates quickly. 

Public Sector

By teaming up with a range of public sector organisations, including the NHS, Emergency Services, Government, and Charities, and tapping into our extraordinary talent network and profound expertise in hiring in the public sector, we are leaders in sourcing highly desirable candidates, whether actively seeking or passive.

Deploying Valuable Skills in Education Jobs

Looking for a career in education but need help with where to start? Our recruitment services can offer you substantial support in your job search. We have a vast client network and strategic resources to guide a wide range of talent, from experienced professionals to recent graduates, towards their dream academic jobs. Our education recruitment specialists consider each candidate's unique aspirations and career desires, looking beyond the traditional resume and qualification analysis methods. 

You can trust that our healthcare recruiters possess the resources and expertise necessary to offer various solutions that align with your needs. With significant experience in linking newcomers to career-focused businesses and seasoned executives to leadership roles, we ensure tailored matches for every candidate.

Reach out to our team today to discover how our education recruitment agency can help you achieve your career goals and meet your requirements, regardless of their complexity.

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