Meet The Team

Alicia Hobbs

Director of Talent

I work across our Reading HQ and London offices with regular travel to all offices globally. It is essential to my role to always remain close to the core of our business – the people.  

As Global Talent Director, I'm passionate about nurturing talent throughout their entire journey. I believe in a strategic, connected approach that bridges the gap between finding the right people and empowering them to excel.

On the acquisition side, I lead a team that goes beyond CV’s. We leverage innovative sourcing strategies and build a positive candidate experience to attract top talent. But recruitment is just the beginning. I work closely with learning & development to craft targeted programs that equip new hires with the skills they need to hit the ground running.

For existing talent, I champion continuous learning. We create dynamic L&D programs focused on both technical expertise and career development. By fostering a culture of growth, we unlock the full potential of our workforce.

If you would like to kick start your recruitment career or take it to the next level please do get in touch – 0118 900 6750