Meet The Team

Bobby Dahaley

Senior Learning & Development Consultant

Based in our London office, I serve as a Senior Learning and Development Consultant at Roc Search Recruitment, specializing in empowering recruitment consultants with the skills essential for success. With a focus on tailoring learning solutions to meet the specific needs of our recruitment team, I am dedicated to fostering growth and professional advancement. 

At Roc Search Recruitment, we take a comprehensive approach to talent development, investing in the ongoing success of our recruitment consultants. Our unique selling proposition lies in seamlessly integrating learning and development initiatives into our strategies, providing continuous support throughout the consultant lifecycle. 

Drawing on expertise in instructional design and organisational development, I design and implement learning programs that drive performance and foster growth within our recruitment team. By aligning our efforts with the goals of our consultants, we ensure that every development initiative is purposeful and impactful. 

Are you looking for a career in recruitment? If so, connect with me today to explore how we can help you embark on a rewarding journey in this dynamic industry.