Meet The Team

Mary Landrum

Principal Talent Acquistions Consultant

Hi! My name is Mary Landrum (Craighead). I work out of the Austin office and my job focus is doing internal recruitment for all of our US offices. In other words, I am responsible for finding and hiring talent within Roc Search, ensuring that our organization has the right people in the right roles to meet our objectives. My internal recruitment approach is fostering talent from within the company, driving diversity, identifying potential candidates for advancement or lateral moves, and creating opportunities for professional growth and development among current employees. It is important that we bring on the right people who are ready to expand their career within recruitment. My USP is my deep understanding of the company culture, values, and specific skill requirements for every role at Roc Search. If you are interested in hearing about how Roc Search can provide you Limitless opportunity, I'd love to get on a call to discuss our open roles in the US!