Meet The Team

Matthew Vasquez

Associate Consultant

My team and I work with many of the most reputable firms throughout the Central Texas market and representing the top talent throughout the civil engineering world.   Our core markets include Land Development, Transportation, Water Resources, and Water/Wastewater.     

As a part of our Austin Civil Engineering team, I focus on matching exceptional talent with exciting career opportunities throughout Cental Texas. I proactively engage with potential candidates within our region through targeted outreach efforts, including local networking events, industry-specific forums, and referrals from within our community. Through careful screening and evaluation, I assess candidates' technical competencies, soft skills, and aspirations within the context of our region's projects and employers. By fostering open communication and transparency throughout the hiring process, I facilitate meaningful connections between candidates and local employers, ultimately contributing to the growth and success of our region's civil engineering sector.    

Whether you are looking to grow in your career, move up in position, advance your overall expertise or just interested in learning about what is available throughout the market, please don't hesitate to contact me at or (512) 649-1070.