Meet The Team

Thomas Green

Senior Business Manager

From our HQ in Reading, I lead our engineering contractor teams covering the Midlands and South East regions. 

Our focus extends to engineering markets and encompasses expertise in Quality, Manufacturing, Mechanical, Electrical, Controls, Electronics, and Project support roles. We are committed to delivering a fast and professional service.  

My team are trained to understand the most technical of roles to help you find the right candidate, usually within 48 hours of engaging us on a role. We will come to your site to assist in the job specifications and interviews. After placement care is also a top priority for us, ensuring the contractors complete the full contract term.

 Should you seek collaboration with someone who prioritizes understanding your business, works quickly and professionally and aims to establish a durable, trustworthy partnership—whether you're scaling your contractor workforce or seeking market insights—please feel free to contact me at or 0118 3177 200