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Our award-winning training programmes give you everything you need to be a RocStar recruiter, learning and developing new skills alongside others at every stage of your career. From our Rocstar Academy for those who are new to recruitment, all the way to our Future Leaders course, we'll give you the skills and tools needed to thrive within the business.

Rocstar Academy

This course starts with an overview of the role of a recruiter, and takes consultants on a journey of the entire process. We ensure consultants finish the program fully understanding the realities of job and are fully equipped with the right attitude, motivation and skills to make the most of their chosen career along with being best placed to generate results as soon as possible.

Academy of Excellence

Become a champion of the Roc Search Values, process, core standards & principles. Identify the traits of a high performing recruitment consultant – know what is expected of you as an experienced Roc consultant and potential future leader of the business. Understand what it takes to become a consistent biller. Demonstrate a better understanding of how to target clients and grow accounts.

Future Leaders

A course designed to help consultants develop the key behaviours, attributes and skills of successful leaders and build their own levels confidence in these areas. Participants have the opportunity to reflect on their levels of impact, and develop strategies to work with people including influencing, dealing with people and encouraging a culture of positive performance in their areas of responsibility.

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