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Recruiters, a career in New York City awaits…

4/5/2023 Trevor Doran, Chief Growth Officer

Recruiters, a career in New York City awaits…

There are many reasons people choose to work in recruitment. Attractive salary and benefits. Plenty of opportunities for career growth. Amazing colleagues. The chance to relocate to one of the best cities in the world…

Did that last point make you look twice? We hope so. Because Roc Search is looking to hire UK-based recruitment consultants to eventually relocate to our New York office. Intrigued? Excited? Hungry for bagels? Let’s explore why a move to New York might appeal to recruiters from the UK.


The city that never sleeps

When it comes to lifestyle, it’s hard to think of a more diverse, buzzing, entertaining city than New York. There’s the art scene, the theatre scene, the restaurant scene, the bar scene, the fashion scene, the literary scene. Need we go on? Okay then. There are quirky neighbourhoods, each with their own distinct vibe. There’s the incredible architecture. And, of course, there’s the sense that you’re living in an actual movie set. Safe to say, you will never run out of things to see and do in this city. NYC is a bit like Cher – it’s constantly reinventing itself, and it will never, ever get old.

Plus, it’s an excellent place to be a recruiter…


New York as a tech hub

The tech sector has exploded in New York over the past decade, and the city has quickly become one of the biggest tech hubs in the United States. In fact, New York was the only US city besides San Francisco to add more than 100,000 tech jobs during the last decade – and the city’s employment growth rate has outpaced every other major US city, except San Francisco and Seattle.[i] In other words, when you think about tech hubs in America, New York ranks right up there. Indeed, the tech sector will be critical to New York’s post-pandemic economic recovery.

When you think about it, New York makes sense as a tech hub. The financial sector, which has long dominated the city’s job market, is being rapidly disrupted by technology. And this creates the perfect breeding ground for new start-ups to flourish, alongside the big players like Google, Meta and Apple.

Our New York office is one of nine international Roc Search locations. So if you’re looking for a recruitment career with scope to relocate in future, we could be a great fit. Let’s chat, shall we?

If you’d like more information on our relocation opportunities, get in touch with myself (t.doran@roc-search) or Holly ( or give us a call on 0118 317 7255.

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Trevor Doran
Chief Growth Officer

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