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Security clearance for engineers – is it worth it?

8/8/2019 ,

Yes! It’s definitely worth it. There, that was easy. But since we’re not allowed to publish one-line articles (don’t ask why – it’s just, like, the law), allow us to spend the next 300 words explaining why security clearance is great for your engineering career.

 Better pay, more exciting roles … what’s not to like?

Many public sector engineering jobs (or private sector engineering jobs with companies that work for the government) require security clearance. And while it may seem like a hassle, once you’ve got security clearance, it can deliver a significant boost to your career.

 In our experience, mechanical engineers and electrical engineers with security clearance tend to enjoy:

·        Excellent job security – security-checked engineers are in high demand in the UK, both by government agencies and private companies who supply services to the public sector. What’s more, security clearance usually lasts for around 12 months after your employment or project ends, making it easier to walk into another security-cleared role.

·        Higher salaries – this makes sense when you consider the more sensitive nature of some security-cleared engineering work.

·        Smug levels of satisfaction – after all, you may get to work in interesting fields like defence, the military and other areas that let you unleash your inner action hero.

·        Career variety – because your security clearance can usually be transferred to other employers and engineering jobs in the public sector.

When you’ve got it, flaunt it

Getting security clearance opens doors: doors with flashing neon signs above that say ‘Great engineering jobs this way’. So if you haven’t yet got security clearance, check out our recent blog on what’s involved.

 And if you have got security clearance, we want to help you make the most of it. There are amazing roles out there for mechanical engineers and electrical engineers with security clearance … if you know where to look. Contact me at or call 0118 317 7200 and we’ll help you capitalise on your valuable security-cleared status.

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