5 developments that will change the future of construction

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 People don’t always give the construction industry enough credit for welcoming e...


People don’t always give the construction industry enough credit for welcoming emerging technologies and new ways of working. But if you work on construction jobs, you’ll know that staying still isn’t an option – it’s all about keeping up with changes and new developments in the construction industry.

 Here we look at five industry-shaping changes to be aware of, and what they might mean for the future of construction work.

 Modular construction and prefabricated units

As more contractors transition to design-build companies, we can expect modular, prefabricated building units to become more and more popular. What’s exciting about modular units is they can be constructed off-site in a factory environment at the same time as foundation work is underway on-site. Save time, save money, and give weather delays the swerve for good … what’s not to like?

 3D printing

Closely linked to modular and prefabricated construction, 3D printing is being touted as one of the next big things in the construction industry. Why? Because today’s large-scale 3D printers are capable of printing metal and concrete – using less materials than traditional methods.


It’s official: robots have left the factory floor and are heading for the construction site. Robots are now capable of doing a range of construction tasks; for example, bricklaying robot SAM (Semi-Automated Mason) is capable of laying 1,200 bricks a day, which is around two or three times more than the average human brickie.

 Data-driven building

Like many industries, construction is beginning to cotton on to the power of big data and analytics. With cloud-based software that can be easily accessed on-site, plus the rise in mobile devices, contractors are now able to collect and evaluate more data than ever before. Many are predicting this data will revolutionise all aspects of the industry, from managing productivity to improving health and safety.

 Wearable technology

Talking of health and safety, we’re starting to see a move towards smart, wearable devices that help monitor and improve safety standards on-site. For example, you can now get smart work boots and safety vests fitted with sensors that alert a supervisor if someone has keeled over or is showing signs of fatigue.

 As technology continues to develop within the construction industry, it’s our job to ensure we find the top construction professionals to operate or work alongside it. The biggest factor in ensuring the success of any construction project is having the right talent working on the job. So whether you’re looking to hire the right team for your project, or you’re a construction professional looking to for new challenges, Roc Search are here to help. Check out our wide range of construction jobs on our website or send us your details and we’ll get on the case.