7 tech innovations that have us excited for 2022

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It’s been a busy couple of years for the tech industry, with drastic changes in consum...

It’s been a busy couple of years for the tech industry, with drastic changes in consumer habits and a widespread move to remote working keeping tech professionals on their toes. But what can we expect from the technology industry in 2022? Here are seven areas of innovation that we’ll be watching closely.


 1. Edging nearer to real-world quantum computing uses

Okay, we know we won’t be seeing practical applications of quantum computing in 2022, but we can’t ignore it as a key area to watch. Especially when you consider the sheer volume of investment that’s piling into the sector; venture capitalists invested more than $1 billion in quantum computing in 2021. [i] So what will 2022 bring us? Deloitte is predicting that quantum computing companies will double their quantum volume in 2022, thereby boosting the capacity of quantum computers and edging one step nearer to them becoming, you know, useful…

 2. Where technology meets sustainability

From electric vehicle technology to renewable energy solutions, exciting things happen when the technology and energy industries collide. In 2022 we’ll get closer to innovative energy sources such as green hydrogen and nuclear fusion becoming more viable. Fusion power pioneers Helion Energy will next year complete construction of a new facility that will house the prototype Polaris fusion generator – driving Helion towards its goal of building the world’s first commercially viable fusion power plant. [ii]

 Of course, we can’t overlook the heavy environmental impact of computing. (Bitcoin alone uses more electricity annually than the whole of Argentina.) So within the tech industry itself, we expect to see energy coming increasingly from renewable sources in 2022.

 3. Cybersecurity mesh, and the end of the single-perimeter era

With more and more people working from home – becoming juicy targets for data thieves in the process – cybersecurity will continue to be a major challenge for businesses in 2022. Cybersecurity mesh promises to be part of the solution. This strategy involves securing each device with its own perimeter, as opposed to having one perimeter for the entire IT environment – meaning organisations can secure any digital asset, in any location.

 4. No-code and low-code open up AI to the masses

Much has been written about the digital skills shortage, but on the plus side, the shortage has given rise to so-called no-code and low-code AI innovations. The idea behind such interfaces is that anyone can create new tools and systems, even if they don’t have programming skills. A good example comes from OpenAI’s Codex program, an AI system that translates English-language commands into code. It’s the AI equivalent of those web design tools that let anyone build their own website!

 5. Weaving a better data infrastructure with data fabric

Giving users access to exactly the data they need, at the exact right time, regardless of where that data is stored and in what format? That’s the holy grail of data management, and the idea behind data fabric. The concept itself is simple: an integrated layer of data and data-related processes across various platforms – meaning business users can easily identify and connect data from different sources. As such, data fabric could deliver important breakthroughs in self-service data in 2022.

 6. Total experience will unite all the Xes

Integrating the user experience (UX), customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and muti-experience (MX) disciplines, total experience (TX) encompasses the entire stakeholder experience with a brand, across multiple touchpoints. As a business strategy, TX is all about creating holistic experiences in order to drive customer and employee satisfaction – and in turn, drive business growth. In other words, 2022 is the year in which all the Xes come together to form one cohesive whole.

 7. One foot in the metaverse

Here you are thinking you got through a whole article on technology trends without mention of the metaverse. Well, think again because it’s our final area to watch in 2022. Sure, we won’t be fully stepping into the metaverse – immersive digital environments where people work, play and socialise – within the next year, but you can bet your buttons that companies like Nvidia, Microsoft and, of course, Facebook (or should we say Meta) will be making big strides in this area. What we will see is the physical and digital worlds merging closer together, especially for those working remotely. As an example, Ericsson has been coming up with new ways to improve remote working, including an app that connects five random colleagues in a Teams room for a virtual coffee chat, just like the impromptu chats people would have in the office. [iii]


If these innovations are anything to go by, there’s much to look forward to next year. But how is your 2022 shaping up? If you’re thinking about your next career move, check out the latest technology jobs at Roc Search.


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