A Cross-Atlantic Journey for Josh Baker

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Having worked out of our Reading HQ for over 5 years, Business Manager Josh Baker has truly ...

Having worked out of our Reading HQ for over 5 years, Business Manager Josh Baker has truly made his mark in the IT contract private sector market. Joining all those years ago as a trainee here with us, he’s worked his way up through the ranks to his current position as Business Manager and built a team of incredibly competent recruitment specialists around him. But now he’s ready for his next opportunity - and has his eye on our office in Austin, Texas!

We spoke to Josh about this goal…


Why the move to the Roc Search office in Austin?

“It’s been an exciting 5 years with Roc Search, filled with opportunity, growth and progression. Upon joining Roc Search in 2016 as a trainee it was always our family end-goal to relocate to the states. Having grown our family from 2 to now 4 of us in the last few years, we knew this was the year to make the move, just hoping for the Visa to come through now!”


What has the opportunity presented?

“I’m extremely appreciative of the support internally from Conor, Gavin and the wider senior management team to support and back the move, which has only added to our excitement about the new adventure in front of us. It presents a big opportunity to help an already thriving Roc US team expand into new markets and help grow an ever increasing contract recruitment footprint across the states. Under the close guidance of Jonny Cutter our VP of America, I’m extremely excited at what the future holds for Team Roc US - and of course, I’m very much hoping and looking forward to being part of it!”

Gavin Dent, our Regional Director shares his insight of Josh’s career journey so far…

What stands out about Josh in his role at Roc Search?

“Josh has had a great career with us so far that has gone from strength to strength, with his latest move being his planned relocation to the US to embark on his cross-Atlantic journey! The great news about the move is that not only will it add to the existing team over there, but it also opens up a huge opportunity here in the UK.”


What opportunities open from his transition overseas?

“The role Josh is currently undertaking is the Private Sector Contracts manager for the Regional section of our business which encompasses the South East, South West and Midlands territories. These areas are some of the most established and historic within the business and hold the most depth in regards to client base. So the role that is being created by the move, is a pretty big one.

We’re currently talking to a variety of individuals both internally and externally about the opportunity on the horizon, and are excited for whoever ends up taking on the challenge! And of course, we’d love to hear from anyone who might be interested so get in touch with me directly if this sounds like you.”