Has COVID-19 disrupted your Brexit plans?

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Yes, we get it, Brexit is probably the last thing you want to discuss right now. With the co...

Yes, we get it, Brexit is probably the last thing you want to discuss right now. With the coronavirus pandemic entering a worrying new phase, and most businesses facing a winter of uncertainty, you’d be forgiven for pushing Brexit to the back of your mind. One crisis at a time is plenty, thank you very much.

Trouble is, the end of the transition period is fast approaching – and with it, more potential disruption.


Does your business have an exit strategy?

With trade talks going, well, not so swimmingly, the possibility of ‘no deal’ is all too real. And even if the UK and EU do manage to agree a trade deal, there’s still likely to be some impact on your supply chain and logistics. Rules for moving goods between the UK and EU will change (we just don’t know to what extent yet), there may be delays at UK borders, and warehouses may come under increasing strain as companies look to stockpile goods.

Which is why you need an exit strategy in place, to ensure your supply chain and operations can weather any disruption and changes coming down the line. And even if you do have a strategy in place, you’ll need to review it in light of COVID-19.

Useful questions to ask at this stage include:

·        Do we have contingency plans in place for deal or no-deal Brexit scenarios?

·        Do our contingency plans take into account the impact of coronavirus on the supply chain (for example, additional supply and demand pressures or staffing issues)?

·        How will potential border delays, new tariff payments and customs declarations affect the supply chain?

·        Do we have the right people, processes and systems in place to manage the changes?

·        Do we need to renegotiate terms with suppliers and customers?

·        Will we need additional warehousing space?

·        Will we have to close certain sites and open new ones instead?


Bridging the talent gap

A number of our clients have taken on experienced logistics and supply chain contractors to assist with their Brexit strategy. This flexible approach is particularly useful right now, when ongoing coronavirus uncertainty means many businesses are unable to hire talent on a long-term or permanent basis.

At Roc Search, we have supply chain professionals available immediately to help with your Brexit strategy. Chat to our recruitment specialists about your Brexit strategy (or lack of) and find the expertise you need.