It’s the best time to be in recruitment! Here are 3 reasons why...

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The pandemic has caused many businesses to go under, including a lot of recruitment companie...

The pandemic has caused many businesses to go under, including a lot of recruitment companies. But those who have weathered the storm – like us here at Roc Search – now find themselves emerging from the pandemic in a stronger position than ever.

 Here are three reasons why now is a fantastic time to be in the recruitment industry.

 1. Hiring is getting back on track

Yes, there was a drop-off in many areas of recruitment at the start of the pandemic. But, by 2021 most employers were settling into the ‘new normal’ and getting back to hiring for business-critical roles. Certainly in our field of expertise (technology, IT and engineering recruitment), demand for expertise was strong throughout the pandemic, as companies needed talent to help them adapt to new ways of working. IT jobs, for example, absolutely dominated the London hiring market in 2020, making up 35% of all vacancies during lockdown. That figure would usually be closer to 15%.[i]

And as the UK comes out of lockdown, the tech and engineering sectors will play a huge role in the country’s economic recovery – whether it’s helping companies accelerate their digital transformation, or engineering the planned public infrastructure projects that are in the works.

2. There are loads of talented candidates on the market

At Roc Search, we’ve noticed that the pandemic has prompted candidates to reassess their career priorities. They’re rethinking what they want out of their career and coming to the uncomfortable conclusion that their current role isn’t meeting their needs. Whether they want more flexibility, more security, a fresh challenge, or whatever … many top-performing candidates are ready to make their next career leap. And who do they turn to for help? Recruiters like us.

3. There’s less competition

The pandemic has been hard on a lot of recruitment companies (and other businesses, obviously). Sadly, many just haven’t survived. And it is sad, seeing businesses that people have built from the ground up fail. But for those recruitment companies that are still standing, there’s a clear opportunity to fill the gap left by other firms.

If you’re an experienced recruiter, you’ll know that this is a great time for our industry. So why not apply your expertise in a recruitment company that’s coming out of the pandemic stronger than ever? Give us a call on 0118 317 7255 to join our team!

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