The 5 hottest programming languages of 2019

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  Not to impugn the wardrobe choices of the average software developer, but chances ...


Not to impugn the wardrobe choices of the average software developer, but chances are you didn’t go into programming work because you live for fashion, darling. Yet, like any industry, software development is subject to trends and fashions – and how well you keep up with those trends can massively help or hinder your ability to bag the best software developer jobs.

Lucky for you, this doesn’t mean showing up in a bumbag and bucket hat (well, not unless you want to). Rather, it means being clued up on the hottest programming languages of 2019.

 And the winners are…

In its annual Developer Survey, Stack Overflow picks the brains of people who work in developer jobs to find out what’s really happening in the industry. According to the nearly 90,000 developers who took the latest survey, the most commonly used programming languages are:[*]

 1. JavaScript


3. SQL

4. Python

5. Java

 Unpacking the results

No surprises that JavaScript remains the dominant programming language (it’s already clocked up seven years at the top of the rankings). But we think Python is definitely one to watch. It’s the fast-growing major programming language and keeps on rising in the ‘most used’ rankings. Interestingly, the survey also asked developers what languages they most wanted to learn that they didn’t already use – Python came top. In other words, Python is hotter than a pony-skin slider sandal, or whatever it is fashion victims are wearing these days.

 What does all this mean for you? It shows that these five languages are the most popular, most common, and most desirable ones in use today. And if you want to boost your career, it pays to follow the fashion – take it from us, great developer jobs are always out there for those who know the most in-demand languages.

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[*] Source: Developer Survey Results 2019; Stack Overflow.