The rise in cloud-native development

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  If your folks ever told you to get your head out of the clouds, they couldn’...


If your folks ever told you to get your head out of the clouds, they couldn’t have been more wrong. Because these days, when it comes to programming work, it’s all about the cloud. Or, more specifically, cloud-native development. Read on to find out what the rise in cloud-native programming means for developer jobs.


What exactly is cloud-native development?

Cloud-native refers to a programming approach that exploits the advantages of the cloud computing model: massive computing power, portability, on-demand access from anywhere, and so on. It’s a new way of building and running applications, in other words. And with cloud-native development, how you build is critical.


Let’s talk about the how, shall we? Cloud-native development actually spans quite a few cutting-edge aspects of application deployment, including: 

·        DevOps – partnering software development with IT operations to boost collaboration between teams.

·        Continuous ‘agile’ delivery practices – bringing ideas to market quickly, shipping constantly, and getting continual feedback from users.

·        Microservices – developing applications as a collection of small, independent, autonomous services, where each microservice can potentially be released, upgraded and maintained independently of the other microservices.

·        Containers – packaging each part of the application as its own lightweight container.


Impact on programming jobs

The cloud-native approach enables flexibility and resilience – terms that make any self-respecting business leader’s ears prick up in 2019. Essentially, cloud-native development allows companies to bring their applications to market more quickly, scale as required, and respond more intelligently to changing customer demands. See? More ears are pricking up as we speak.


What this means for software developer jobs is that experience in cloud-native methods will become much more desirable, and fast. Approaches like agile, minimum viable product, rapid iteration and the DevOps way of working across departmental boundaries will become the shiny new, must-have skills in the developer jobs market. Polish up your skills in these areas and you’ll be doing your career a huge favour.


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