Top 5 UK Workspaces in 2019

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Following on from my blog on “Why companies are upgrading their workspaces”...

Following on from my blog on “Why companies are upgrading their workspaces”, here’s my Top 5 workspaces in the UK. I’ve based this on; when the office opened, facilities provided, overall aesthetic and innovation.

#5: Rewards Gateway

Opened in 2016, Rewards Gateway’s London office boasts a whole host of standout features. The staff at this employee engagement specialist can enjoy working from anywhere in the office, taking some “me-time” in one of the quiet reflection rooms or grabbing a coffee with colleagues or clients in their fully-staffed HR Hero Café.


#4: ASOS

With their modern fittings, flexible events spaces and fashion-themed meeting rooms ASOS’s Camden office is truly impressive. The huge international clothing and fashion company has style at the heart of its ethos so it’s no wonder they’ve invested so heavily in making sure their offices reflect this.


#3: Google

You can’t have a top 5 offices list without featuring the pioneer of dynamic offices that is Google. Google have always prided themselves in creating a fun, vibrant work environment for their staff with the view to increase productivity by providing a space that encourages flexibility and collaboration. With their “secret garden” balcony, gym facilities and multiple collaboration spaces there’s no question they know how to put together an outstanding office.

#2 SkyScanner

With their innovative London office covering three entire floors, SkyScanner have one of the best workspaces in the UK. With multiple collaboration zones, lounger spaces as well as a break-out space which doubles up as a bar at the end of the day, this leading travel tech business has really thought about how to support and inspire their staff.

#1: Mitie

And taking the number 1 spot on my list is the facility management company, Mitie. It’s no surprise that a business specialising in creating connected and innovative workspaces should come at the top of this list but their London office is truly something else. With an incredibly unique design throughout, the office contains a variety of ultra-modern elements that enables their staff to work in an agile and adaptable manner. Smart-lockers for personal items, regeneration pods and The Living Lab which seeks to integrate elements of technology and design to improve employee wellbeing.

It is offices like these that inspired us when we designed our Roc Search HQ. And the impact has been incredible!

Every year we’re seeing more and more companies invest in providing the best possible work environments and facilities for their employees. Businesses need to bring in the very best talent in the industry and having a well thought-out workspace is a key part of any successful attraction and retention strategy.