Trends in UX and why you shouldn’t ignore them

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  Working in UX? It’s a rapidly-changing field so if you’re looking for ...


Working in UX? It’s a rapidly-changing field so if you’re looking for bigger opportunities, you’ll need to be ahead of the latest trends. It’s one of the fastest-growing disciplines in the digital sector – which means there are great jobs out there to be had for people who can demonstrate they’re constantly looking for new ways to do things, and are pro-actively involved in the latest developments.

You’re probably already on the right forums, hooked up with other UX specialists and heading out of the office to dedicated meet-ups and conferences. Why not get more involved? Organise your own event, or put yourself forward as a speaker or panel member at something local to you – it’s great profile for you and for your employer, and it could be the thing on your CV that tips an interviewer in your favour. If you’re in UX, it’s because you care about getting things done properly, so demonstrating your passion for your sector is a must.

So, what could you do with UX this year?

·        Get more involved – businesses are starting to see the real, financial benefits of investing in UX. Large companies have dedicated UX teams and understand that initial strategy and planning can drive financial success. So expect to get more involved earlier in new projects.

·        Understand the impact of voice-first – as the price of smart speakers comes down, they are becoming a common household object. UX voice specialists are starting to see how they can use this trend to make customers’ lives easier, integrate voice into apps and drive new income streams.

·        Plan better journeys – using data to understand what your customers are doing and why. And refining your website, app or software to make that even easier and more intuitive. You want to do your customers’ thinking for them.

·        Cross-device UX – without realising it, we use all our devices in different ways; sometimes simultaneously. The next big thing in UX is to create applications that are intuitive no matter what device or command is being used, so that users seamlessly transition from one device to another without interrupting their buying journey.

This is a great time to start looking for your next UX role.