What do employees want in 2020?

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Today’s talent aren’t shy about asking for what they want – or expect &n...

Today’s talent aren’t shy about asking for what they want – or expect – from a new job. But while generations past might have focused solely on high-earning jobs and more pay, the next generation of talent coming through the workplace need more than just money to turn their heads.

 Different priorities

According to KPMG, millennials could make up a whopping 50% of the global workforce by 2020.[i] It makes sense, then, that understanding what this generation wants from work is critical. If it’s not just a high-earning job, what is it?

 In our experience as recruiters, the best jobs in 2020 will be those that offer:

 ·        More work–life balance and flexible working. Previous generations might have talked about wanting greater work–life balance; today’s workers simply expect it. Jobs with flexible working opportunities that allow time and space for real life to get in the way are highly desirable.

·        Better working environment. People want to enjoy coming to work. It’s as simple as that. From off-site meetings and team events, to on-site breakout spaces, free coffee and food, today’s teams expect to feel switched on by their working day, not switched off.

·        Holistic benefits packages. Yes, the current generation of employees want to be fairly compensated for their talent. But they also prioritise other benefits, like generous holiday allowances, maternity/paternity packages and of course that all-important flexible working.

·        Training and development opportunities. You know that feeling when you have a great job with ample scope for advancement, and an employer that actively wants to nurture and encourage your development? Yep, that feeling. That’s what folks want.

·        Cultural fit. This can be a deal-breaker. Nowadays, people want to feel like they’re part of something bigger – an organisation with values that chime with their own.

·        Earning potential. Yes, while everything above is important, an individual’s earning potential is vital to attracting and retaining the best talent into your business – those bills need to get paid!

 What are you looking for in 2020?

Call us biased, but we believe a job in recruitment ticks all these boxes and more. So if you’re considering a new challenge in 2020, we want to hear from you. To discover what a career at Roc Search can offer you, check out our careers site or give us a call on 0118 317 7255.

  [i] Source: https://home.kpmg/content/dam/kpmg/uk/pdf/2017/04/Meet-the-Millennials-Secured.pdf