What to expect from London Tech Week

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Great news for the tech community: London’s week-long technology festival returns late...

Great news for the tech community: London’s week-long technology festival returns later this month. From Monday 20th to Friday 24th September, London Tech Week will bring together big cheeses from the tech world – including entrepreneurs, investors, global leaders and rising stars – to showcase the technologies that are transforming business and society. It’s the Glastonbury of the tech world, but without the mud and terrible toilet experiences.


Here are some of the things we’re most looking forward to from London Tech Week.


  • AI Summit. Can you have a tech festival without addressing AI? Heck no. This headline event will explore the huge acceleration in digital transformation, as well as other hot topics like computer vision, NLP, and how to move from POC to production.
  • Quantum Computing Summit. The platform for advancing quantum computing, a key theme of this event will be turning technical into practical and building a commercialisation roadmap for quantum computing.
  • Future of Work Summit. With technology changing the very nature of work, this summit will explore new working solutions, the blend of technology and wellbeing, and the digital divide, among other topics.


There are also industry-specific summits to look forward to – many of which will be shaped by the impact of COVID-19. For example, there’s:


  • HealthTech. Co-hosted with the NHS, this anchor event aims to accelerate the positive impact technology can have on the global healthcare ecosystem. Key subjects include remote monitoring and patient care, AI in healthcare, and how to maintain the rise of HealthTech in the post-COVID era.
  • Future EdTech. If you have kids, you’ll know the pandemic turned education on its head, with technology and remote learning playing a huge role. This summit will explore the future of technology in education, with a particular focus on building a sustainable education ecosystem for the future, and creating equitable remote learning systems.
  • ClimateTech. Renewables, green mobility and new technologies in food and farming ...  these are just some of the key innovations on the agenda at ClimateTech. Considering this event has previously hosted David Attenborough and Al Gore, it’s fair to say it’s A Big Deal.


We can’t wait to see what emerges from London Tech Week. If, like us, you’re passionate about technology’s role in business and society, check out Roc Search. As experts in technology recruitment, we can connect you with the best tech talent or help you find your next technology job.