Why bother with a recruitment agency?

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In today’s ultra-competitive jobs market, hiring can be brutal. So it makes sense to p...

In today’s ultra-competitive jobs market, hiring can be brutal. So it makes sense to partner with an expert. Here's 3 reasons why businesses should work with a recruitment specialist.

You’ll save time

In the words of Mariah Carey, love takes time. Well so does recruitment. It’s just that nobody wants to write songs about it. Promoting a position, attracting quality candidates, assessing people, vetting them … it all takes time. A recruitment agency can do all this for you, and faster than you can likely manage in-house. That’s because the best IT recruitment agencies have an existing pool of candidates eager for their next challenge, slashing your time to hire.

You’ll get better-quality hires

Recruitment agencies tend to specialise in particular locations and market niches, and build comprehensive networks of highly skilled candidates in those areas. So, for example, when you tell the Roc Search team about your technology recruitment requirements, we’ll not only get what you’re talking about, we’ll quickly identify top industry candidates who fit the bill. Of course, it’s not just about technical skills – you need candidates that gel with your unique company culture. Our recruiters excel at finding the right fit.

You can save money (in the long run)

‘What nonsense is this?’ you splutter. ‘Using a recruitment company can actually save money?’ Stow your scepticism and let us convince you of the financial benefits as you mop up the tea you just spat over your keyboard.  

Yes, there’s a fee associated with using a recruitment company. Of course there is. Recruitment agencies aren’t charities. But handling your own IT recruitment isn’t exactly free, is it? Advertising your technology jobs on quality platforms, spending precious hours filling each post, and – this is a big one – potentially hiring the wrong person all come at a cost. Working with a technology recruitment company can help to lower your people-related costs over time by streamlining your hiring, attracting quality people and decreasing employee turnover.


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